Gliding chair cushion become dirty for long time use. After a long time use the cushion cloths also become tear and looks pale. Besides, the fall of food stuffs on the cushion become unhygienic and unhealthy for the both baby and their parents.

It is not wise to nursery glider long time. It should be repaired and wash and replaced it cushion in a certain duration.The physicians also suggest that the torn and stained cloths and cushion cover are very health hazardous as it may cause of forming bacteria and germs. The micro germs create irritation on the skin of the child. The germs and bacteria may affect the eyes of children. The skin may cause of itching and rash.

Many times the skin turns red color allergy. To remain free from such problem, all the glider users should try to follow the following instruction so that they could remain free from germs and allergy.If you clean your cushion regularly, it can look newer always.

You can wash your cushion by following ways.

Way-1: Use vacuum cleaner

Way-2: Baby wipes

Way-3: Stain Away

Way-4: Steam Clean

Way-5: keep glider inside the room

Way-1: Use vacuum cleaner:

By using regular vacuum cleaner, you can clean your cushion seat easily. Through using vacuum, you dirt dusts can be removed without using water and detergent. It make your cushion chair afresh and bright. Though the vacuum cleaner is not enough to clean germs and other parasites.

Way-2: Baby wipes:

If the vacuum is not available, you can clean your nursery glider by using baby wipes. If you clean your cushion cover and handle regularly, the dust cannot be deposited. The baby wiper is equipped with water and soap so you don't need to more water and detergent to wash the dirty stuffs. But it should be remind that it should be done immediately.

Way-3: Stain Away:

The cushion cover of the fixed nursery glider cannot be changed frequently and every day the cushion cannot be washed. Here, you can use the stain removing mixture for instant cleaning of your cushion. The mixture cannot fade or discolour the cover rather it removes the stains, colour of oil, and fabric also removed or the spray can melt down the hard materials like candle or other. After spraying, it may take five to 10 minutes and then the stain could be uprooted.

Way-4: Steam Clean:

Steam cleaning in also another popular ways to clean your glider fabric and cushion cover. It is the last stage cleaning of the seats and cushion. Through the process, the cloth become sanitized and it helps to clean dirt.

Way-5: Keep glider inside the room:

Many people keep their nursery glider at a open place and even under the sky. It is not wise to do so. Dust and other dirt easily destroy the glider. After using the glider, it is better to wraps by a cover so that direct dust cannot be taken place. As it is not an ordinary chair it need additional care for long duration support.

Last Word:

Finally it can be said that it is the best way to clean your cushion by detergent and water though it is laborious job and time worthy. The regular cleaning is the best ways to keep your cushion fresh and glassy. But the main factor is keeping your chair hygiene and germ free.

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