How to Care Your Nursery Glider Chair


The glider chair is not an ordinary chair. As the glider chair has different types of functions, it needs maintenance regularly. The optimum service of a glider chair depends upon the maintenance. A normal chair or ordinary chair needs not such caring or maintenance regularly. If the nursery glider is cleaned regularly, the chair functions well and give service long time.

Best Tips on How to Care your Glider Chair 

Though the manufacturer of the nursery chair provides some important instructions regarding caring of the chair. But the users rarely follow the instructions. Besides, many manufacturers give options to contact with their service station for maintenance, but it also tough job or expensive for users.

Anyway, we hare will discuss over some general caring instructions those can make your glider more long lasting and reuse the nursery glider for your next baby.

Tighten and replace parts

After long time using your glider, many screws and handle or any part may become loose. If you tight those screws at your home, the glider chair can function smoothly as before. And you can save a good amount.

Beside, after long since using of the glider, the cushion or blanket may torn or the handles may grow scratches. In this position, if you just replace or change the cushion or pillow cover, the chair may look newer.

By following the instruction booklet of the glider you can easily tighten the nut, bolts and other essential screws. Otherwise, the loose screws can cause accidents during operation of the chair.

If the nuts are missing, you can replace those. Many times, the manufacturers also provide additional nuts or gums for further using. If the part of the chair is missing, it may cause discomfort and less comfort. The risk of accident also cannot be ignored, if the regular maintenance cannot be done regularly.

Cleaning dirt

After long time use of your glider may become dirt. Many food stuffs or milk dust may fell on the cushion of the glider. If the cloth of the glider is cleaned or washed according to the instruction of the manufacturer, the nursery glider may work as before.

Lubricant the bearing for better movement

There are many moving part of a nursery glider. Besides, the bearing of the glider also helps better or smoother functioning of the glider. If the bearing or moving equipments does not move freely, the glider may create bad sounds, or it never work properly.

So, if the moving parts are given lubricants, it would work freely and without creating any noise. If you found the chair is making squeaking sound, if the glider is not moving freely and if the parts are getting stuck, you should make the parts lubricant as soon as possible.

Many glider manufacturers also supply the oil, grease and other lubricating oil for glider. If they give it inside the packet, please try to open and use it on the chair.

If you use lubricant often, the bearing will not make noise rather it would move freely than that of previous time. Many times, the food stuffs and water may cause stuck the bearing harder. So, regular use of lubricant on the moving parts is really best caring of a nursery glider.

Paint on wood

If your glider become older, and looks pale, you can use paint or fabric on the cloth. You can use paint on the wooden part if it grow scratches. It would make the glide glossy. You can prefer your home furniture colour as paint. Regular paining also can make your chair new look and make free from germ and dust.

Last word

As the glider chair is specially made chair for special use, the chair needed regular maintenance. Many times, food stuffs storing on the side pocket of the glider, the germs and living mites like ants can grow living on the chair.

On the other hand, the uncared chair is risky to use as the chair has different moving parts. It moves from front to back and revolve too. If the nuts and screws are not tighten properly, it is not safer to use.

So, regular caring of glider chair can be best option to use the chair long time and years to years. 

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